What Does A Swallow Tattoo Mean On A Woman?

Reasons to Choose a Swallow Tattoo. Swallow tattoos are appropriate for both men and women and can symbolize triumph, love and devotion, or rebirth. As such they give off a positive air and are likely to be viewed by others as uplifting and beautiful. These tattoos are typically tasteful and are readily accepted by the general public. Swallow tattoos representing fighting prowess may be viewed less …

What does the tattoo of the Swallow mean?

You probably already checked out other meanings online, in short, the swallow tattoo is used by sailors to communicate the amount of sailing experience and safe return to land. This originates from British navy folklore. According to ancient stories, sailors had ink of the swallow tattooed on their hands, neck, and chest.

What does the Swallow symbol on my wrist mean?

Today, the symbol of the swallow can mean many different things. It is considered a staple of the "British Traditional" and "Sailor Jerry Collins" style tattooing. Some ex-Sailors of the British Royal Navy have a swallow tattoo on both wrists as a symbol of a successful voyage.

What is the meaning of a sparrow tattoo?

Of course, the exact color and style of the sparrow has a big impact on the precise meaning of the tattoo. A dead sparrow is a common symbol among Christian sailors, soldiers, and other men in dangerous professions because it’s believed that the sparrow will carry the soul to heaven after death.

What does the tattoo on the front of my neck mean?

A dramatic front of neck tattoo is not for the faint of heart. Unlike a back of neck tattoo, the front is almost always on display, front and center. The IXOYE tattoo, Greek for fish, meaning “Iesous, Christos, Theou, Yios, Soter” or “Jesus, Christ, God’s, Son, Savior”, a Christian symbol.

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