What Do The Numbers And Letters On Motorcycle Tires Mean?

Deciphering Motorcycle Tire Letters. When it comes to reading a motorcycle tire sidewall, or any tire for that matter you'll come across a lot of various numbers and letters. All these markings can tell you a wealth of info such as what's the fastest speed the tire should be ridden up to, how much weight can the tire be subjected to, the direction of rotation (most tires indicate this), when the tire was manufactured, and obviously, the size of the tire.

What are the numbers on a motorcycle tire?

To most people, the numbers and letters on the side of their tires are cryptic and indecipherable. These motorcycle tire sizes comparison charts below will help you understand the codes on the side of your tires to be sure you know which tires you are currently using, and which others will fit your motorcycle.

What does m mean on a motorcycle tire?

Alphanumeric system 1 M is used to denote that the tire is a motorcycle tire 2 T denotes the width of the tire. In this case you have to refer to a chart to find out the width dimensions. ... 3 90 denote the aspect ratio. In this case it is 90% 4 16 denote the size of the rim.

What does 50 mean on a motorcycle tire?

50 = aspect ratio which is the percentage of the height of the tire to the tire’s width, Z = speed rating which is above 149mph, However, the speed rating and the construction of the tire may not be indicated. In this case you will have a set of number in this manner: 100/90 – 19.

How to make sense of motorcycle tire sizes?

Making Sense of Motorcycle Tire Sizes The most obvious piece of information is the big numbers and letters that usually look like this – 130/90 17, or MT90 17. These numbers are a metric designation that indicates the size of the tire and the rim that tyre is designed to go on. The question is what do those numbers actually mean?

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