Can You Play Music While On Phone?

Thus if you want to play music/video while on a phone call, simply press on the musical note. When inside the media player the symbol will change to a telephone, this hovering telephone when pressed will return you to the call screen and mute the audio.

How can I play music on my cell phone?

You can even play some simple songs by following a few tips. Best of all, in a growing market of cell phone applications that cost money, playing music on a cell phone keypad doesn't cost you anything. Press the number 1. This is your "do" note, or the root of your scale. Press the number 2.

Is it possible to play music during calls?

Two answers, both valid, depending on how sloppy you like to be: 1) No, it's not currently possible to inject audio into a phone conversation. 2) Yes, it's possible. It's also an ugly, ugly kludge. Turn on the hands free function of your phone.

How do I Stop Music from playing on my iPhone?

Once you've done that and you drop down Control Centre, you should see the option to play the music again. Once it's playing, you can lock your phone, and play and pause it from the lockscreen control or just go about your business using other apps on the phone.

Can you play music in the background on an iPhone?

- There is a workaround though! (Pocket-lint) - On iPhone, most music apps let you play music in the background. After all, they'd be virtually useless if they couldn't. For video apps that's not the case which - again - makes sense, since you can't watch videos with your iPhone locked and the phone in standby.

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