What Conditions Qualify For Medical Mar?

The Most Common Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in the U.S. (Update for 2021) * [Please note that these are only the most common qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in the U.S. – not all states will include every condition listed below]. 1) ADHD ADD/ADHD is a condition associated with a wide range of symptoms, including:

What do you need to know about qualifying medical conditions?

Along with hypertension or high blood pressure, those additional conditions listed by the CDC include: cerebrovascular disease; cystic fibrosis; neurologic conditions (such as dementia); liver disease; pulmonary fibrosis; thalassemia; and type 1 diabetes mellitus.

What are the medical conditions that qualify for marijuana?

What medical conditions are eligible? The debilitating medical condition that qualify an individual for the medical use of marijuana includes 1 or more of the following: Cancer. Glaucoma. HIV Positive. AIDS. Hepatitis C. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Crohn’s Disease. Agitation of Alzheimer’s Disease. Nail Patella. Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder

Which is patients qualify for medical marijuana use in Ma?

He is a passionate advocate for the safe and responsible administration of medical marijuana, and has seen countless patients benefit from its effects. To arrange for a private consultation with Dr. Tishler on the uses of medical marijuana, call Inhale MD at (617) 477-8886. Dr. Tishler will always keep your information completely confidential.

What do you need to get a medical marijuana card?

Keep in mind that someone with one of the conditions must have it certified by a doctor who is state-approved. Then they can obtain a card enabling them to buy medical marijuana at a medical marijuana dispensary. 1. Anxiety disorders

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