What Color Is The Left Turn Signal Wire?

there will be connectors with orange and blue wires. those are your turn signal wires. As far as a brake light wire you will look to the rear right of the bike just in front of the rear fender behind the plastic cowl. there will be green/yellow stripped wire, that is the brake signal wire. Those would be the appropriate places to tap into those.

What is the color of the turn signal wire?

Left rear turn signal wire is yellow. Right front turn signal wire is dark blue. Right rear turn signal wire is dark green. Grounds are black. Common power for tail and license plate lights is black and white. Common power for front parking lights is yellow.

What is the color of the blinker wire?

Here are the full headlight and blinker wiring diagrams in the images BELOW. Left front turn signal wire is light blue. Left rear turn signal wire is yellow. Right front turn signal wire is dark blue. Right rear turn signal wire is dark green. Grounds are black.

What are the colors of the headlight wire?

Here are the full wiring diagrams in the images BELOW. Left front turn signal wire is light blue. Left rear turn signal wire is yellow. Right front turn signal wire is dark blue. Right rear turn signal wire is dark green. Grounds are black. Common power for tail and license plate lights is black and white.

What are the different colors of trailer wiring?

Trailer Wiring Colors. 1 Brown wire to the tail or parking lights. 2 Green wire to right turn signal/brake light. 3 Yellow wire to the left turn signal/brake light. 4 White wire to common or chassis ground.

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