What Color Is Smoky Blue?

Smoky Blue is on a paint strip in which the top 4 colors are coordinated by gradation (light to dark), but the last 3 colors are just 3 darker blue-gray colors. Despite Smoky Blue’s hidden address in the SW paint color deck, it is quickly becoming one of my top dark blue-grays. I categorize it as a blue-gray since it does have some gray tones to it and is not glaringly bright blue. Smoky Blue has a low …

How much does it cost to make smoky blue?

My handpicked coordinating colors & color schemes for Smoky Blue by Sherwin-Williams. Four color schemes to use with Smoky Blue. Color Consultations starting at $50.

What kind of paint is smoky blue by Sherwin Williams?

SKU: SW 7604Category: Paint SamplesTag: Neutral Color Family: Sherwin-WilliamsNeutral Brands: Neutral, Sherwin-Williams In stock Smoky Blue SW 7604 quantity Add to cart More infoContinue Shopping Add to cart Need help picking a color scheme for your space? Begin a Color Consultation! or Learn how with my eBook! ANALOGOUS COLOR SCHEME

Why is smoky blue the best dining room color?

I have several different areas that I spied Smoky Blue being used in and I’m excited to share. One of the reasons that Smoky Blue works so well in this small dining room is the expansive sliding glass doors that allow more natural light to shine in.

What to do with smoky blue wall color?

The light and warm wood floors, along with the mid century modern furniture compliment the cooler Smoky Blue wall color to a “T.” The neutral rug and lighter wall art also help to contrast the darker wall color. I love the hanging plants in the corner that play into the nature feel of the entire room.

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