Which Of The Following Is The System Privilege That Is Required As A Minimum To Allow A User Account To Log In To The Database?

Which of the following is the system privilege that is required as a minimum to allow a user account to log in to the database? C A. CREATE ANY LOGIN B. CREATE ANY SESSION C. CREATE SESSION D. CREATE TABLE 4.

How to show all database privileges for a user?

The DBA_SYS_PRIVS view contains three columns of data: 1 GRANTEE is the name, role, or user that was assigned the privilege. 2 PRIVILEGE is the privilege that is assigned. 3 ADMIN_OPTION indicates if the granted privilege also includes the ADMIN option.

What is the purpose of system privileges in Oracle?

Table 7-1 System privileges Enables a user to perform administrative tasks including checkpointing, backups, migration, and user creation and deletion. Enables a user to alter any cache group in the database. Enables a user to alter any index in the database.

What do you need to know about privileged access management?

In their book, Privileged Attack Vectors, authors and industry thought leaders Morey Haber and Brad Hibbert (both of BeyondTrust) offer the basic definition; “privilege is a special right or an advantage. It is an elevation above the normal and not a setting or permission given to the masses.”

What does the system privilege create any table mean?

The system privilege CREATE ANY TABLE is the system privilege that you're looking for in this question. The keyword ANY is found in many system privileges to indicate that the user authorized with the system privilege may perform the task as though it were any user account in the database.

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