Which Medical Term Means No Development?

Which medical term indicates no growth or development? atrophy 15. To build a medical term meaning "behind the nose, " which prefix would you use? post- 16. Which prefix does notinvolve negation? iso- 17. Which term refers to a cell that is small? …

What is the medical terminology for'without'?

Negative is another possibility, especially in serology. “RH Negative”, “Beta HCG Negative” “Negative For Cancer Markers”. Prefixes -a or -an. These two come from greek and mean not or without. E.G.: anencephalic, a child born without a brain.

How to build a medical term that means " muscle disease "?

Build a medical term that means "muscle disease." Translate the medical term osteocarcinoma as literally as possible. Translate the medical term chondro-osteodystrophy as literally as possible. THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH...

What is the medical term for poor bone nourishment?

Translate the medical term chondro-osteodystrophy as literally as possible. Cartilage-bone-bad-nourishment: poor development of bones and cartilage of an orthopedic clinic note: DDx: Includes osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and bursitis.

Which is not a prefix meaning " not "?

Which of the following is not a prefix meaning not? Which term contains a prefix that means "after"? Which term contains a prefix that means "below"? Which prefix does not involve a number? In the medical term semiconscious, what does the prefix mean? What is the meaning of the prefix in the medical term hypotension?

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