Where Is Yogananda Now?

With his wife, Daya, Keshava Taylor is currently fulfilling ministerial duties in India, serving Ananda’s work as needed, giving talks on Yogananda’s teachings, and leading pilgrimages to sacred sites from Yogananda’s life and mentioned in Autobiography of a Yogi. Ananda. Since the end of the SRF court case, Ananda has blossomed. New Ananda communities have been started in Los Angeles, and in …

Why did Yogananda get run out of town?

The lawsuit in Miami was also public. He was run out of town by husbands who sued because of inappropriate conduct with their wives. He appealed the verdict and lost the appeal. As a British subject, he even got in trouble with the British government over it.

When did Paramahansa Yogananda move to the US?

In 1920, Yogananda moved to the United States and spread Indian teachings of Yoga and Meditation. The same year, he laid the foundation of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF). He travelled throughout the United States. He called that travelling, ‘ Spiritual Campaign ‘.

Is it true that Yogananda initiated some people into yoga?

It has been rumored that he initiated certain people into yoga practices even higher than Kriya, and that these were sexual in nature - this would not surprise nor bother me. Whatever Paramahansa Yogananda was, he was certainly an embodiment of the Sacred Hermaphrodite - this tenet is conceded by many devotees and even monastics.

Is there a documentary about the life of Yogananda?

A 2014 documentary, Awake: The Life of Yogananda, won multiple awards at film festivals around the world.

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