When Your Eye Is Relaxed Is The Lens At Its Thickest Or Thinnest Does The Lens Have Its Largest Or Shortest Focal Length In This State Can You See More Clearly At A Distance Or Up Close?

When your eye is relaxed... 1) Does the lens have its largest or shortest focal length? 2)In this state, can you see more clearly at a distance or up close? 3) Is the lens at its fattest or thinnest? Please answer each question for the points.

When does the eye have its maximum focal length?

When the eye is relaxed and the interior lens is the least rounded, the lens has its maximum focal length for distant viewing . As the muscle tension around the ring of muscle is increased and the supporting fibers are thereby loosened, the interior lens rounds out to its minimum focal length.. Vision defects

How does the eye accommodate to different focus distances?

Ciliary Muscle and Fibers. When the ciliary muscles contract, they loosen the ciliary fibers which are attached to the envelope of the crystalline lens. Because the lens is pliable, it relaxes into a more curves shape, increasing it's refractive power to accommodate for closer viewing. The iris serves as the aperture stop for the eye,...

How does convex lens in front of eye correct farsightedness?

A converging lens in front of the eye can correct for farsightedness. The convex lens focuses light from an object inside the near point to produce an image that is beyond the near point. The eye can now focus on the image of the object. Eye-lens can’t get “fat” enough.

Why does light appear fuzzy in the relaxed eye?

For the relaxed eye the focal length is 2 cm. In a nearsighted eye, the cornea is too steeply curved for the length of the eye, causing light rays from distant objects to focus in front of the retina. Distant objects appear blurred or fuzzy because the light rays are not in focus by the time they reach the retina.

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