When Did Youghal Train Station Close?

Youghal Eochaill; 21 May 1860: Station opens: 2 February 1963: Station closes to regular passenger traffic (remaining open for irregular excursions) 2 June 1978: Goods traffic ceases (except beet) 30 August 1982: Station closes to goods traffic

Is there a train from Cork to Youghal?

Youghal itself only has a population of 8,000 and there are only 2 small villages between it and Midleton. Youghal is adequately served by hourly Expressway service 40 (Cork-Waterford) and a limited local stopping service from Cork to Ardmore. Its former station was situated some distance from the town centre.

Where was the Clock Gate Tower in Youghal built?

Clock Gate Tower – In 1777, the town's Clock Gate Tower was built on the site of Trinity Castle, part of the town's fortifications. It was used as a prison during the rebellion of 1798. The military hanged suspects from a pole lashed from the lower windows to the corner of the first house on South Main Street (now Luigi's).

When did the Walsh family build Youghal Castle?

It was built by the Walsh family in 1602 and leased by the corporation to the Tynte family towards the end of the reign of King James I. It is shown in a map of Youghal dated 1663 as one of the defences of the town.

Is there a train from Ardmore to Youghal?

Youghal is adequately served by hourly Expressway service 40 (Cork-Waterford) and a limited local stopping service from Cork to Ardmore. Its former station was situated some distance from the town centre.

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