When Did Wheaton Central Close?

Alumni / Wheaton Central -- 1964-1992.

What was the outcome of Wheaton College II?

( Wheaton College II) affirmed the denial of a preliminary injunction for Wheaton College, a religious institution in Illinois that has resisted the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that group health insurance plans cover the provision of certain contraceptives.

What did Seventh Circuit deny preliminary injunction to Wheaton College?

Seventh Circuit Denies Preliminary Injunction to Wheaton College. 1. Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse (June 26, 1822), in Thomas Jefferson: Writings 1458–59 (Merrill D. Peterson ed., 1984). Had he foreseen the controversies to come nearly two hundred years later, he might have added a word about the federal judiciary.

What kind of contraception does Wheaton College oppose?

Wheaton does not object to all of the FDA-approved contraceptives, but only to ones it considers abortifacient: emergency contraception (“morning-after pills”) and intrauterine devices (IUDs). See Wheaton College II, 791 F.3d at 793, 794.

Who is the softball player for Wheaton College?

Junior @wheaton_softball outfielder Janette Oh was named to the District 7 Division III Academic All-District Team on Thursday. Oh is an Economics major with a 3.54 cumulative GPA. #LetsRoll https://t.co/j0aWVmaFZt

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