When Did Ward Air Close?

When did ward air close? 1989 Wardair/Koniec działalności. When did Canadian airlines buy Wardair? Wardair Canada was a privately run Canadian airline, founded by Max Ward in 1952 under the name Wardair Ltd, before formally changing its name to “Wardair Canada” in 1976. The airline was acquired by and folded into Canadian Airlines in 1989.

Who was the owner of Wardair in 1989?

In 1989 Wardair owner Max Ward surprises Bay Street by announcing the sale of his airline, the third largest in Canada. For decades the upstart airline was a decided challenge to the older established airlines.

When did Max Ward sell his airline company?

Ward eventually sold the company to Canadian Airlines in 1989, ending one of the most fascinating airline stories ever. (Fun fact: Wardair was the first airline in Canada to operate a Boeing jet, the 727, bought in 1966.)

When did Max Ward of Wardair leave the band?

Long may Wardair live on, be it in the virtual world of the Internet! John Olafson wrote me in June 2007 and he sent photos along, depicting an interesting event:

When was the First Ward Air plane made?

Wardair was founded in Yellowknife in 1953, with a new de Havilland Otter as its first plane. Ward's company served the far north through transportation of heavy equipment.

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