When Did The Sidekick 2 Come Out?

The following year, in Oct. 2002, T-Mobile released the Hiptop under a rebranded name —the Sidekick. T-Mobile Sidekick. Danger and T-Mobile …

Is there a new version of the sidekick?

Rebooted for the new millennium with a nod to the cult classic that changed everything, the Un-carrier’s latest innovation brings all the fun and function that you loved from the original Sidekick, combined with state-of-the-art design, to create an entirely new category of smart device.

What's the history of the sidekick mobile phone?

The Sidekick became the go-to choice of celebrities and the urban community—and was until physical keyboards went the way of the dinosaurs. The Sidekick Story is a wild one, and if the answer to its success could be split in halves, it would be made up of one half guts and design, and another half expertly executed marketing.

When did the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 come out?

The T-Mobile USA Sidekick 3 was made available in three limited edition models which only differed in cosmetic color changes: The Sidekick iD is a smaller version of the Sidekick 3. It was released April 13, 2007.

What was the name of the first sidekick?

The Sidekick didn’t always have its signature swivel screen, and it didn’t always radiate coolness, especially at its inception. In fact, the first iteration of what became Danger’s first device was nicknamed “Peanut.” In 2000, Danger Inc. had a vision to make data from the Internet accessible to the average person on the go.

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