When Did Mellon Arena Close?

Mellon Arena The Igloo Location 66 Mario Lemieux Place, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219-3504 Broke ground March 12, 1957 Opened September 19, 1961 Closed June 26, 2010 Demolished September 26, 2011 - March 12, 2012 Owner City of Pittsburgh: Surface Ice Construction cost US$22 million Architect Mitchell and Ritchey Former names

When did the Mellon Arena open to the public?

By July 13, 1960, the dome of the structure was nearly half complete. Nearly one year later on September 19, 1961, the Mellon Arena, known at that time as the Civic Arena, opened to the public for its first event at a final cost of $22,000,000.00.

When was the Mellon Arena demolished in Japan?

The arena served as a model upon which a great number of retractable roof stadia were modeled; one of the more recent and closely linked examples being the Fukuoka Dome in Fukuoka, Japan. Although regarded as an engineering masterwork, the Arena was demolished in 2011.

When was the Pittsburgh Penguins Civic Arena built?

The Penguins have the rights to redevelop the property and a preliminary plan exists for residential units, retail space and office space. The $22 million ($192 million in 2020 dollars) arena was completed for the CLO in 1961.

Where did the steel come from for the Pittsburgh Civic Arena?

The arena's design incorporated 2,950 tons of stainless steel from Pittsburgh. To make room for the arena, the city used eminent domain to displace 8,000 residents and 400 businesses from the lower Hill District, the cultural center of black life in Pittsburgh.

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