What Were Two Effects Of The Growth Of The Silk Road Trading Network?

The Silk Road was a center for trade and dispersion of culture between the East and West of Eurasia. It's activity spanned over 2000 years and had a great impact on the blossoming cultures of the world at the time. 500-330 BCE Achaemenid Empire (Persians) establish the Persian Royal Road, which would become one of the main branches of the Silk Road. Persian Couriers known for their speed in …

Why did trade take place on the Silk Road?

Trade on the Silk Road. One of the consequences of the need for water in the Gobi Desert is the foundation of rest stops / caravanserais along the route taken by the travelers. These stops allowed travelers to rest, to have food and drink, and to prepare themselves for the next portion of their journey.

How did the closure of the Silk Road affect China?

China closes it borders to foreigners, eliminating the need for the Silk Road in China and its affiliated Empires. The Byzantine Empire falls to the Turks and the Silk Road is closed off to the West. Trade between the West and China is interrupted over land.

Why was water important on the Silk Road?

Trade on the Silk Road. ( Public Domain ) One of the consequences of the need for water in the Gobi Desert is the foundation of rest stops / caravanserais along the route taken by the travelers. These stops allowed travelers to rest, to have food and drink, and to prepare themselves for the next portion of their journey.

How did the Silk Road affect the Roman Empire?

The Silk Road trade is stabilized by the Roman, Parthian, Kushan, and Chinese empires participating in trade. Silk popularity spikes after the fall of Augustus and under the reign of Marcus Aurelius. conservative Roman ideals did little to curb the popularity of silk in the West.

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