What Type Of Programming Language Is Logo?

The Logo Programming Language, a dialect of Lisp, was designed as a tool for learning. Its features - interactivity, modularity, extensibility, flexibility of data types - follow from this goal.

What is the purpose of the Logo programming language?

LOGO is a language that makes it easy for children to learn programming by directing an object to perform a series of tasks. LOGO is specifically designed to engage kids in the four C’s: Critical thinking and problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and innovation.

Which is the most robust Logo programming language?

There are 197 variations of the LOGO language. The UCBLOGO version from the University of California, Berkeley is the most robust. What Makes the LOGO Programming Language Special?

When was the first version of logo created?

Together Feurzeig and Papert created the first version of LOGO in 1967. The LOGO programming language is designed to help kids learn programming hands on. Instead of memorizing theory or using complicated programming structures, LOGO users learn programming basics with simple words and directions.

How did logo influence the Smalltalk programming language?

Influence. Logo was a primary influence on the Smalltalk programming language. It is also the main influence on the Etoys educational programming environment and language, which is essentially a Logo variant written in Squeak (itself a variant of Smalltalk ). Logo influenced the procedure/method model in AgentSheets and AgentCubes ...

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