What Things Can Harm Us?

Very often companies use targeted methods of influence to make us buy things we don’t need. However, some of them may not only be unnecessary but also quite dangerous for our health. MUMY BEAR made a list of things most of us have at home. We rarely think about their quality, but the harm they cause has been proved by different researchers.

What do we know is bad for US?

We all know what a bad habit is. Smoking, eating unhealthy foods, excessive alcohol consumption and living a sedentary lifestyle are just some of the things that are drummed into us as behaviours we ought to avoid in order to increase our overall well-being.

Are there any things that can kill you?

“Knives represent an important source of morbidity and mortality to people of all ages,” notes research published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine. The reality is, they’re sharp, and one misstep can cause severing of a nerve that can ultimately lead to some very bloody consequences. Knowing how to use different knives properly is essential!

What are some ways people are harming the environment?

1. Littering. Most people do not deliberately trash the environment, but almost everyone carelessly litters now and then. It takes a conscious effort to put refuse in its place, from cigarette butts and plastic water bottles to food packaging seen on the sides of roads and often within several feet of waste bins. 2. Wasting Food.

Are there any dangerous things in Your House?

Magnets aren’t something that usually comes to mind when you think about dangers in the house, but small magnets that can be ingested can stick together and trap and compress portions of the bowel wall between them.

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