What Is The Thalamus In Flower?

Thalamus of a Flower (With Diagram) | Botany. Article Shared by. ADVERTISEMENTS: In this article we will discuss about the thalamus of a flower. The thalamus is the short abbreviated axis bearing the four sets of floral leaves. It is the swollen end of the peduncle or pedicel with four nodes and very much compressed internodes.

Is the thalamus the terminal part of a flower?

Thalamus is the receptacle or terminal part of the axis of a flower. The thalamus is a modified stem as it possesses distinct nodes and internodes. It supplies nutrients to flower just like stems transfer it to leaves. Still have questions?

Is the thalamus of a flower hypogynous?

The floral leaves are inserted on the thalamus. If it is inserted successively such as calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium and it is terminated by the gynoecium the flower is termed as hypogynous, i.e, ovary is superior. It is very common and found in Magnolia, mustard brinjal, etc.

Why does the thalamus of a rose flower prolong?

A peculiar feature, as found in some roses and pears, is that the thalamus instead of terminating at the flower, continues or prolongs through it and bears normal leaves. Such condition, referred to as ‘monstrous development’, further proves the axis-nature of the thalamus.

How many internodes does the thalamus have?

The thalamus of most flowers has three internodes which are very much condensed. But, in certain flowers these internodes are elongated.

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