What Is The Setting In The Story Civil Peace?

The setting of Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe is similar to that of "The Lesson" by Toni Bamabara. Civil Peace is set in eastern Nigeria, after the civil war there. Many people have lost their jobs and/or homes. Lives have been lost. People are trying to rebuild as best they can.

What is the story of civil peace about?

Besides, it ironically depicts the incompetent colonialism. It is a story of an optimistic and industrious man, who despite the loss of his son steps forward and starts endeavoring to survive. He tries to overcome every hurdle in his way in order to provide stability to his family.

Who is the protagonist in civil peace by Chinua Achebe?

Summary. The story 'Civil Peace' is set in the aftermath of the Nigerian Civil War. It is about the effects of the Nigerian Civil War on the people. Jonathan Iwegbu is the protagonist of the story. To explain both good and bad fortune to himself and others, he often repeats the phrase 'Nothing puzzles God.'.

Who are the main characters in civil peace?

Read our detailed study guide on the short story Civil Peace by Chinua Achebe. Our study guide covers Civil Peace summary, themes, characters, and literary analysis. Jonathan finds himself “extraordinarily lucky” as he survived the war along with his wife and three of his four sons.

Who is the author of civil peace class 11?

Civil Peace Class 11 Summary & Questions and Answers ABOUT STORY "CIVIL PEACE": This realistic short story "Civil Peace" has been written by a Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe. This story has presented the effects of the Nigerian Civil War on the people and also the 'Civil Peace' that followed.

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