What Is The Role Of School Philosophy In Curriculum Development?

According to Orstein Hunkins, philosophy is an important foundation of curriculum because the philosophy advocated or reflected by a particular school and its officials influences its goals or aims and content, as well as the organization of its curriculum. In our drive to study philosophy, it helps us to deal with our personal beliefs and values.

Why is philosophy an important part of the curriculum?

According to Orstein Hunkins, philosophy is an important foundation of curriculum because the philosophy advocated or reflected by a particular school and its officials influences its goals or aims and content, as well as the organization of its curriculum.

What is the philosophical basis for teaching and learning?

Just as curriculum can be defined in a variety of ways, one can approach the evaluation and creation of curriculum through more than one foundational lens: philosophical, historical, psychological, and sociological. All four of these hold importance in influencing curriculum and instruction.

What are the four philosophies of educational philosophy?

Four Educational Philosophies Relating to curriculum: Eucational Philosophy Area of Focus 1. Perennialism. The focus in the curriculum is classical subjects, literary analysis and considers curriculum as constant. 2. Essentialism.

How does the framework relate to the curriculum?

The framework relates to the goals of education, content and its organization, the process of teaching and learning, and in general what experiences and activities they wish to stress in schools and classrooms.

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