What Is The Role Of Information Technology In National Development?

The information and communication technology (ICT) revolution has a role and prospect in national development. Over the past decade, new applications of ICT have improved service delivery, transparency, and public access in national development. This paper highlights some of

What's the role of Information Technology in business?

The Role of Information Technology in Business Success. 1 The importance of IT in Business. The success of every business depends on certain factors. Some of which are accurate analysis, choosing the right ... 2 Decision Making. 3 Marketing and Business Growth. 4 Customer Support and Satisfaction. 5 Resource Management and Globalisation. More items

How does the development of technology affect society?

Development of information technology directly related to daily living, it should be noted, will increase social benefits, and this in turn will help reduce urbanization. The preference for urban living will disappear with the development of an information system on a nationwide scale.

What is the role of Technology in developing nations?

These include water resource and supply systems, power systems, bridges, roads, as well as communications and transportation facilities. To a large extent, the technologies are well developed. The essential challenge lies in the diffusion and use of such technologies to developing nations, where they are most needed.

What is the importance of Information Technology in education?

Information technology has brought drastic changes in the life of disabled children. IT provides various software and technique to educate these poor peoples. Unless provided early with special training, people profoundly deaf from birth are incapable of learning to speak.

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Looking to the future, ICT for development is not about computers, mobile phones, and the internet, but about help, support, and train people in linking them and communities for communication, learning, and services. This will lead to improved well-being, increased work productivity, support for innovation, and impetus for inclusive growth.

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