What Is The Reply Of Hola?

1. Hola — Hello. This is the most basic of the greetings, and can be combined with any of the other ones found below. Now you can say, “Hola, buenos días,” or “Hola, buenas tardes.”. The h is silent!

What's the correct response to the phrase Hola?

Other responses to “hola” you might use: Buenos días/tardes/noches Buenas ¿Que tal? Hombre! (Not sure why but usually accompanied by a big smile)

When to use Hola in a formal setting?

Create your account Hola (pronounced: OH-lah) means 'hi' or 'hello'. You can use this word as a greeting in formal or informal settings and at any time of the day. When... See full answer below.

What do you say when someone says Hola to you?

The translation is: " Hola, gusto en connocerlo". And the reply is, for the man: " Igualmente". And for the woman is: " Encantada." Hola is what in Spanish? Hola is spanish for hello. HOLA!!! What is another Spanish word to say back to someone if they say hola to me? Not really. You could try saying, "Hola, ¿que pasa?

How to respond to " Hola, Amigo "?

Muy bien, gracias. Very good thanks. No muy bien. Not very good. Más o menos. So so. and then finish up with - ¿y tu? (said eee two?) meaning, how about you? We're here to support your language learning goals. Support us today by going Premium, and browse 100% ad-free on the site you love.

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