What Is The Purpose Of Born Free?

As a word, "freeborn" means born free, rather than in slavery or bondage or vassalage. Lilburne argued for basic human rights that he termed "freeborn rights", which he defined as being rights that every human being is born with, as opposed to rights bestowed by government or by human law.

What is the meaning of the term freeborn?

For other uses, see Freeborn (disambiguation). " Freeborn " is a term associated with political agitator John Lilburne (1614–1657), a member of the Levellers, a 17th-century English political party. As a word, "freeborn" means born free, rather than in slavery or bondage or vassalage.

Which is the music video for Born Free?

Music video. "Born Free" on Vimeo. "Born Free" is a song by English Tamil recording artist M.I.A., released alongside an accompanying short film/music video of the same name from her third album, Maya.

When did born free by M.I.A come out?

"Born Free" is a song by English Tamil recording artist M.I.A., released alongside an accompanying short film/music video of the same name from her third album, Maya.

Who are the founders of the born free charity?

Founded by Virginia McKenna, Will Travers and Bill Travers, we work tirelessly to stop the exploitation and suffering of individual animals living in captivity or in the wild. From the start we’ve campaigned for a future where animals and people can co-exist and where threatened and endangered species are protected for generations to come.

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