What Is The Percentage Of Same-Sex Couples In Australia?

According to the 2011 Census, there were around 33,700 same-sex couples in Australia, with 17,600 male same-sex couples and 16,100 female same-sex couples. Same-sex couples represented about 1% of all couples in Australia.

What's the percentage of same sex families in Australia?

Of the same-sex families in 2011: 48% were female couples. Same-sex partners were most commonly aged 35–44 years (representing around 30% of all such partnerships) and tended to be younger than opposite-sex partners. Of same-sex couples, 12% had children, including adult children, living with them.

When did same sex marriage become legal in Australia?

The first same-sex wedding under Australian law was held on 15 December 2017. The passage of the law followed a voluntary postal survey of all Australians, in which 61.6% of respondents supported legalisation of same-sex marriage.

What's the percentage of gay men in Australia?

The share of men identifying as homosexual or bisexual went up from 2.5% to 3.2%. The share of women identifying as lesbian or bisexual also rose, from 2.2% to 3.8%. While the share of men expressing some same-sex sexual attraction increased slightly (6.8% and 7.4%), this increased more markedly for women (12.9% and 16%).

When did the number of same sex couples increase?

In the 15 years between 1996 and 2011, the number of same-sex couples more than tripled. The increasing number of people identified as being in a same-sex relationship may reflect growing social acceptance.

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