What Is The Font Of Youtube Logo?

The font used for the YouTube logo seems to be Trade Gothic LT Std Bold, which is a sans serif font created by Jackson Burke between 1948 and 1960. Trade Gothic typeface is characterized by its condensed faces, which is good for headline uses. You can purchase the font here.

Which is the best font for a YouTube logo?

The current trend with popular lifestyle YouTubers is a text-only logo with an eye-catching script font that strays away from the ordinary fonts. Script fonts are excellent at expressing your likeability and the intimate nature of your channel. Dulce Candy uses a super curvy script font to show-off her fashion skills and personality in her videos.

Can you use an icon in a YouTube logo?

The added advantage of using an icon in your YouTube logo is that you can easily add your branding elsewhere in a very non-intrusive, but effective way due to its smaller profile than text-only logos. Many of the most popular beauty YouTubers only use fonts in their logos. Don’t believe me?

Is there a font generator for YouTube videos?

If you only want to select a good YouTube font for your YouTube content, you can also use a YouTube font generator to have a try. When you search for YouTube font generator on the internet, you can discover many choices. Here, we will show you some easy-to-use online YouTube font generators. Text Fonts is an interesting website.

How can I find out what fonts YouTube is using?

YouTube uses different fonts in different sections. If you are not a font expert, you can’t distinguish which fonts are using on YouTube. Here, we recommend a website that can do this work for you. It is typoscan. 1. Go to typoscan using your web browser.

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The REAL truth is that Erwin Ross Invented the 1st Beatles drop `T´Logo back in 1960 for the Beatles in Hamburg, way before Ivor Arbiter! there is a photo to prove that.Ross was a wellknown painter that did the Posters for the beatles concerts in Hamburg Germany before they ever went to London in 1963.

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