What Is The Effect Of Using A Razor On Curly Hair?

“Razoring is going to damage your hair.” If you razor cut your hair while dry will, it damage your hair. As with all things curly, a good stylist is the key to a good cut. A good stylist will understand that razoring curly hair dry will cause it to become damaged and will have the skill of a surgeon with the razor.

Is it better to get a razor cut for curly hair?

An excerpt from Wisegeek.com’s article on curly hair suggests that "when curly hair is cut short, the cuts should be made with the natural curl rather than against it. Consider looking for a stylist who is adept with a razor and you may get a better cut.” Personally, I found this to be true when I decided to go short for the summer.

What happens when you use a razor on your hair?

If the razor is used on fine frizzy hair for example, it can damage the ends of the hair by opening up the cuticles too much along the hair shaft, this can cause the hair to look frizzier because of the amount of open ends.

What are the benefits of a razor cut?

The Positives of a Razor Cut. Nick Arrojo, master of the razor, says, “Using a razor helps to enable more swing and movement in hair styles; a modern, jagged, disheveled line; the ability to redefine the texture of the hair; thinning out thicker textures; short, messy, and undone hair styles; and beautiful soft-shaped layers.”.

Why do you need to control your razor angle?

You should recall that we set you up with the fundamentals of razor cutting. And now we want to turn you on to controlling your razor angle to keep the ends of the hair friendly and the cuticle layer of the hair intact.

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