What Is The Cross Section Shape Of African Hair?

The cross section of Asian and Caucasian hair follicles shows that is has a circular shape whilst the cross section of Afro hair follicle shows that it has an oval shape. The effect of our oval shaped hair follicle is that our hair strands tend to be smaller in diameter than Asian and Caucasian hair.

How big is the cross section of hair?

Its cross-section is more or less circular depending on the type of hair: Asian people tend to have rigid hair with a round cross-section and a diameter that may reach 100 μm, Europeans have supple hair with an oval cross-section and a diameter of between 70 μm and 90 μm, while curly African hair has an almost kidney-shaped cross-section.

What kind of hair is oval in shape?

•Oval cross-sectional shape European Ancestry Head hairs -cross-section African ancestry •Shaft diameter fine to moderate with considerable variation •Pigment granules densely distributed and arranged in clumps •Flattened cross-sectional shape African ancestry head hairs -cross section Asian ancestry

What kind of ancestry is found in African hair?

•European ancestry “Caucasian” •African ancestry “Negroid” •Asian ancestry “Mongoloid” European ancestry •Shaft diameter moderate with minimal variation •Pigment granules sparse to moderately dense with fairly even distribution •Oval cross-sectional shape European Ancestry Head hairs -cross-section African ancestry

What kind of hair does a Caucasian have?

Caucasian hair.. is a slightly irregular oval shape in cross section. It can to ruler straight, curly as an Africans, and every degree of curl between. It has the widest range of colours; black, auburn, shades of fair and brown to a near white blond.

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