What Colors Do I Mix To Get Navy Blue?

Using the primary color blue and the neutral color black, you can achieve the navy blue color you are looking for. But, sometimes these two alone are enough to get navy. However, if you don’t have the color black with you, don’t worry. You can also experiment with mixing other colors. Try adding orange, red and yellow, to the primary color blue.

What are the colors that make navy blue?

To make navy blue, the colors black and blue are mixed. Blue is a primary color, and navy blue is a dark version of it, so adding black to basic blue creates the navy shade. On a computer, colors are made by mixing red, green and blue lights.

What's the best way to mix paint for navy blue?

Pour a drop or two of stirred black or pure orange paint into the blue project paint. Mix the colors with a stir stick until they're thoroughly blended.

What kind of Blue can you mix with white?

You will see here that I used ultramarine blue in the first two color mixtures and cobalt blue in the last two color mixtures. To make blue lighter I simply mixed blue with white. The result is a bright saturated color. Ultramarine blue and cobalt blue are very bright saturated colors when mixed with white.

What's the best color to mix with ultramarine blue?

Not only does burnt umber mixed with ultramarine blue create a dark blue color but it also makes a great muted blue. So, if you want to have a dark blue that is not a very saturated (bright) blue – then burnt umber is a great option to mix it with. When mixing pthalo green and alizarin crimson together you get a lovely black color.

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