What Causes The Different Colors In A Flame Test?

The different colors are caused by the cations, which are the metals. Flame tests use ionic compounds, which contain a metal cation and a nonmetal anion. The color of a flame test is due to electrons in the metal cations becoming excited and jumping up to a higher energy level.

What are the colors of a flame test?

List the colors observed in this lab from highest energy to lowest energy, highest frequency to lowest frequency, shortest wavelength to longest wavelength Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.

What causes the different colors in the flames?

What causes different colors in flames? Colors in general result from either emission of light of specific wavelengths, or absorption of light of specific wavelengths from a mix of photons. At the root of both emission and absorption is the excitement of electrons.

What causes the colors in a wood fire?

Instead, the colors of flames in a wood fire are due to different substances in the flames. The bright orange of most wood flames is due to the presence of sodium, which, when heated, emits light strongly in the orange. The blue in wood flames comes from carbon and hydrogen, which emit in the blue and violet.

How are flame tests used to determine cations?

In this Activity, students perform simple flame tests using eleven commercially available compounds, cotton swabs, and a Bunsen burner. They then determine whether the cations or anions in each compound are responsible for the flame test colors. This Activity introduces students to flame tests in an inquiry-based manner.

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