Which Of The Alien Movies Is The Best?

The 35 Best Alien Movies of All TimeArrival (2016)Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)Alien (1979)Aliens (1986)Prometheus (2012)Alien Vs. Predator (2004)Cloverfield (2008)Signs (2002)Starman (1984)The World's End (2013)Under The Skin (2014)E.T. (1982)Lilo & Stitch (2001)Starship Troopers (1997)Independence Day (1996)Pitch Black (2000)Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)Venom (2018)Mars Attacks! (1996)Contact (1997)Life (2017)Pacific Rim (2013)Attack the Block (2011)Men In Black (1997)Annihilation (2018)Paul (2011)Muppets From Space (1999)Galaxy Quest (1999)

Which is the best Alien movie on Blu ray?

With the release of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant on Blu-ray, we’re ranking the Top 10 Alien Franchise Spaceships, which you can check out in the gallery below! Click here to purchase Alien: Covenant on Blu-ray! Ridley Scott started the summer with a bang releasing Alien: Covenant, the follow-up to his 2012 Alien prequel Prometheus .

What's the Order of all the Alien movies?

To help get your bearings on the franchise, here is a breakdown of all the films in the Alien series in chronological order. Some people might argue that the Alien vs Predator films don't belong in the actual series.

What's the name of the next Alien movie?

As of now, Alien: Resurrection is where the Alien story ends, but that could change at any moment. A few years ago, director Neill Blomkamp publicly announced that he was working on a possible Alien 5, a film that would bring Weaver and Ripley back to the franchise.

When did the first Alien movie take place?

Alien (1979) The original Alien film takes place in 2122, when a merchant ship Nostromo intercepts a distress call and... you guessed it, encounters the alien species that plagued Prometheus and Covenant. This film started the entire franchise, and gave science fiction fans one of their greatest heroes ever seen in Ripley.

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