Which Device Broadcast Data Packets In A Network?

When a networked device wants to broadcast, it transmits a data packet to the network's broadcast address. The network hardware, such as routers or switches, does the work of sending the packet to every other device in the group.

How does a networked device use a broadcast address?

When a networked device wants to broadcast, it transmits a data packet to the network's broadcast address. The network hardware, such as routers or switches, does the work of sending the packet to every other device in the group. The group of eligible devices is called a broadcast domain.

How are multicast packets distributed in a network?

Where broadcast packets are received by all receivers in a particular network segment (or broadcast domain), multicast packets are received only by receivers that want them. Also, multicast receivers can be distributed throughout a larger network behind routers.

How does a broadcast work on a computer?

Broadcast. 2. In computer networking, broadcasting is the process of sending data packets to multiple recipients all at once. For instance, a local area network can be configured so that any device on the network can broadcast a message to all the others.

Where does PC1 set the broadcast address of the network?

PC1 sets the broadcast address of the network in the destination address field. When other computers receive this packet, they all process it. When a computer receives a data packet that contains the broadcast address of the network in the destination address field, the computer process the packet.

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During the process of encapsulation, how does the PC determine if the packet is destined for a host on a remote network? by checking the ARP cache for the destination host MAC address by querying the DNS server for the information of the destination host by sending a broadcast to the local LAN segment to see if there is any response

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