Can Xbox 360 Play Blu Rays?

And naturally, Microsoft chose to side with HD DVD and that's why the Xbox 360 had a HD DVD drive instead of a Blu-ray drive. And the HD DVD drive on Xbox 360 doesn't support playback of Blu-ray drives, so you can't play Blu-ray on Xbox 360.

How can I play Blu ray on my Xbox 360?

Step1 Connect Xbox 360 to computer with HDMI cable, and then insert Blu-ray disc into Xbox 360. Step2 If you installed Blu-ray player app before, your Blu-ray disc will play automatically.

Can a 4K Blu ray be played on an Xbox One?

The Microsoft Xbox One game console does have HDMI 2.0 which can output a 4K signal. So Xbox One is able to play 4K Blu-ray. It doesn’t matter which Xbox One model you are using, Xbox One S or Xbox One X, you can play Ultra HD Blu-ray disc with it.

Is the Xbox 360 a good media player?

The Xbox is not only a good game console, but also a great media player. For it has a DVD drive, every Xbox 360 can play DVD movies right out of the box, with no any special software or hardware necessary. With the rising popularity of Blu-ray, you may have a large collection of Blu-ray Discs and want to use your Xbox console to play it.

What kind of movies can you play on Xbox 360?

As you know, Xbox 360 can play videos from USB drives and other external storage devices, so as long as you can convert the Blu-ray movies to a format that's supported by the Xbox 360, you'd be able to enjoy the movie on it. The formats that Xbox 360 supports include: MP4, M4V, MP4V and MOV.

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