Where Does Windows 10 Photos Save Pictures?

When the user takes photos and videos with the Camera on their Windows 10 device, the images and videos are usually saved a subfolder called Camera Roll. In general, you can easily find this folder in File Explorer. You just need to click on the folder icon on your taskbar to launch File Explorer and then scroll to Pictures.

Where do Windows 10 camera and photos apps save pictures?

A new Window should open right away, so when it does, scroll to the Photos and Videos section, and select where you want to save new content. Alternatively, you could click on the Windows key + I to fire up the Settings app, then go to System > Storage > Change where new content is saved.

Where are my pictures saved on my computer?

So, if you don’t like the fact that the app saves your pics in the Camera Roll folder, here are the steps to follow the change it: Open Settings > go to System Storage. Click on the Change where new content is saved option.

Which is the default location for saved pictures?

The C:\Users\ <user name> \Pictures\Saved Pictures (%UserProfile%\Pictures\Saved Pictures) folder is created by the Photos app. The Saved Pictures folder is the default location for apps to save pictures. For example, images automatically imported from a connected camera or memory card by the Photos app.

Where does the camera save pictures and videos?

Your webcam, or integrated camera, as some might refer to it, does two basic jobs – it takes pictures or videos. It then saves them to a folder that you are probably wondering where exactly is located. The camera app is quite basic, and there are only 3 other settings inside the app:

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