Where Does Bruce Dickinson Live Now?

Dickinson currently lives with his girlfriend Leana Dolci in Paris. Is Bruce Dickinson a polymath? Although the lead singer of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, is probably best known for being a rock star, he is also a polymath who has enjoyed great success in diverse areas. How old is Bruce Dickerson?

Where did Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden live?

Bruce and the rest of Iron Maiden still actively tour - with the singer and plane fanatic even flying them to their shows on the private Boeing 757, named "Ed Force One". Iron Maiden were formed in Leyton, east London, in 1975.

Why did Bruce Dickinson break up with his wife?

The rocker quietly separated from his wife last year following what was considered one of the most stable marriages in the music industry. This was reinforced in 2015 when his singing career almost ended as he battled stage three throat cancer after doctors discovered two tumours on his tongue.

How is Leana Dickinson related to Bruce Dickinson?

Bruce could be forced to shell out half of his £90million fortune should he or Paddy - the mum of his three children - file for divorce. A source told the paper: "Leana has always been a huge Iron Maiden fan, following them around for nearly 10 years. "She and Bruce have got really close over the past year and she has even met his children.

What kind of cancer does Bruce Dickinson have?

Bruce recently confirmed in an interview that he was now living in the French capital "with my girlfriend". It comes four years after a cancer scare threatened Bruce's career. He battled stage 3 throat cancer after being told he had two tumours on his tongue.

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