Where Do Almond Trees Grow Best?

Almond trees grow best in zones 7 through 9. In the U.S., that includes Southeastern states, Texas, the Southwest, and the coastlines of Washington, Oregon, California to the west and all the way up the coast to Massachusetts in the east. How to Properly Grow and Harvest an Almond Tree It’s time for the heavy lifting.

What's the best way to grow an almond tree?

Growing Almonds by USDA Zone. Depending on variety, almond trees grow in USDA zones 5 through 10. And even in these zones, winter chilling requirements still apply. For the best chance of success, choose a low-chill cultivar such as ‘Ne Plus’ or ‘Garden Prince,’ at 250 chill hours each.

Which is the best climate for almond trees?

Like the Mediterranean, the best climates for almond trees have warm, dry summers and mild but wet winters. In fact, the ideal temperature is between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Almond trees grow best in zones 7 through 9.

Where did the origin of the almond tree come from?

The almond tree's origins can be traced back to the Mediterranean, it is no wonder that the tree loves warm sunny weather. Sun is definitely an essential element for the tree to grow and produce fruit. But where exactly to these almond trees grow?

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