Where Did They Film Last Stand At Saber River?

According to movie-locations.com, Last Stand at Saber River was mostly filmed in and around New Mexico, USA. One of the main locations used for many scenes was Bonanza Creek Ranch at 15 Bonanza Creek Lane, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bonanza Creek Ranch was the homestead that Tom Selleck (the Confederate Veteran) had to reclaim from violent intruders.

Who was the cast of the last stand at Saber River?

Last Stand at Saber River (1997)Cast and Crew. A Confederate soldier (Tom Selleck) returns to his Arizona homestead and finds Union sympathizers have laid claim to his land. see full movie info Watch Online. Tom Selleck. Suzy Amis. Rachel Duncan. Haley Joel Osment.

Who was the Confederate soldier in last stand at Saber River?

A Confederate soldier (Tom Selleck) returns to his Arizona homestead and finds Union sympathizers have laid claim to his land. There's plenty of action, but the stale story is routine and not too demanding.

What was the error code in last stand at Saber River?

(Error Code: 102630) After the Civil War, a returning Confederate veteran must reclaim his Arizona land and homestead from the Yankee carpetbaggers who illegally occupy it. Get the scoop on all the superhero movies and series coming in 2021 and beyond.

What kind of gun did Tom Selleck use in the movie Saber River?

Paul Cable ( Tom Selleck) carries as his sidearm in the film a Colt 1860 Army with a Richards conversion to shoot metallic cartridges. This revolver was custom built for Tom Selleck by Ken Howell of R&D Gun Shop. Mr. Howell provided custom firearms as well for Selleck in 2001's Crossfire Trail and Monte Walsh (2002) .

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