Where Are Real Mcm Belts Made?

The company’s footwear line is manufactured in Italy or Brazil. A few specialty items, such as flip-flops, sneakers, and espadrilles, are produced in China and India.

Where can I find MCM belt outlet online?

In 2011, MCM Belt outlet online debuted its biggest store in Hong Kong's Entertainment Construction . MCM Belts Outlet Online makes approximately 70 percent of its earnings in Asia, and approximately 30 percent in Europe, the Middle East and also the Americas.The brand intends to get earnings of $2 billion by 2019.

What kind of belts are in MCM jeans?

MCM BELTS. Accessorize your favorite bootcut jeans with an item from our collection of MCM belts. They're made of sleek brown and black leather to coordinate with your knee-high boots, and they all feature this brand's signature logo to show off your on-trend sense of fashion.

What does the MCM symbol on a belt mean?

To this day, MCM continues to be a contemporary classic for logo lovers everywhere. The brand’s trademark symbol — beribboned laurel leaves alongside the outlined house name — represents victory and was inspired by King Ludwig I, who prized neoclassicism. Totes, backpacks and belt bags feature MCM's coveted logo-printed leather, Cognac Visetos.

What kind of leather goods does MCM make?

Totes, backpacks and belt bags feature MCM's coveted logo-printed leather, Cognac Visetos. Though the brand specializes in leather goods, its elevated ready-to-wear fuses a streetwear vibe with time-honored heritage appeal.

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