Where Are Klorane Products Made?

Klorane was created in the Southwest of France, by the young pharmacist, Pierre Fabre, driven by a passion for plants and a true belief in their benefits for health and beauty. Are klorane products organic?

Are there any hair care products that contain Klorane?

Reveal your true nature with this diagnosis and discover your recommended Klorane products made for you!

Where did the idea of Klorane come from?

Our story began over half a century ago in the Southwest of France when a young pharmacist, Pierre Fabre, driven by a passion for plants and his true belief in their benefit for health and beauty, created the Klorane brand in his pharmacy. The concept of Pure Botanical Care was born. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Where do Laboratoires Klorane get their corn from?

We harvest Cornflower, cultivated with organic farming standards, from our own land in Southwest France. Discover the capillary ritual most adapted to your lifestyle, thanks to our personalized diagnosis.

How does the Klorane Botanical Foundation protect the environment?

Located in the Southwest of France, the conservatory actively contributes to the knowledge of Pierre Fabre Laboratories and its researchers, making an excellent environment to conserve and promote plant species. We actively work to protect nature through the Klorane Botanical Foundation, our corporate foundation.

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