Can Swarovski Resell?

Swarovski Authorized Reseller HARMAN is proud to be one of the few companies selected by Swarovski to be a Swarovski® Authorized Reseller. Being a Swarovski Authorized Reseller means that HARMAN has met the pre-qualifications and high standards set forth by Swarovski. So, what does this mean for you, our customer?

Is there still time to buy Swarovski crystals?

There is still time to purchase the remaining stock, but please know that after October 1st, Swarovski sales will be limited to a Business-to-business selling agreement. If you are a brand owner that has previously been purchasing crystals via our retail site, we invite you to apply for a B2B account.

Who is an authorized reseller of Swarovski products?

A customer who has the Swarovski® Authorized Reseller Logo is an exclusive distributor recognized by Swarovski, who is selling loose components targeting B2B and B2C customers.

Why is Swarovski going through a major reorganization?

Swarovski IS going through a major reorganization with an eye to cutting areas so they are thought of as a luxury brand again. There have been many layoffs within the company under it’s new management, and it’s not over yet. It is unclear at this time where the beads and components line falls within this.

Who is the source for Swarovski crystal components?

On October 30th, this is the email she got and shared with us. E.H. Ashley continues to be your source for Swarovski crystal components. They have assured us that we can continue to place orders and they will be delivered.

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