Why Is My Left Eye Bulging Out?

Glaucoma is a less common cause of swollen or bulging eyes. However, an injury or infection that resulted in the bulging eye can also cause glaucoma in the future. Glaucoma is incurable, but medications that reduce pressure within the eye and treat inflammation can help manage it.

Why do I have bulging eyes in my eyes?

It's important to get it checked by a doctor so you can start treatment for the condition that's causing it. Thyroid eye disease is the leading cause of bulging eyes. It affects about 30% of people who have the immune system disorder called Graves' disease. If you have Graves' disease, your body makes too much thyroid hormone.

What is the medical term for bulging eyeballs?

Exophthalmos, also known as proptosis, is a medical term for a bulging or protruding eyeball or eyeballs. It's most often caused by thyroid eye disease. There's also a small risk of the optic nerve (which transmits signals from the eye to the brain) becoming compressed if you have exophthalmos,...

What causes your eyes to bulge when you have thyroid?

With thyroid eye disease, your immune system-- the body's defense against germs -- attacks tissue around the eyes. This causes them to swell and push forward, giving them a "bulging" appearance.

What causes eyes to bulge out of socket?

Proptosis is when the eye or eyes appear to bulge forward, out of the socket. Many times this is due to something inside the eye that is taking up space.

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