Can Sparrows Be Blue?

Adult males have deep blue plumage; the wing and tail are black with blue edges. Adult females are brown: darker on the upperparts, faintly streaked underneath. Their breeding habitat is brushy edges across eastern North America and the southwest United States.

What do house sparrows do to Bluebirds?

House sparrows not only occupy empty bluebird nesting boxes, but they also storm occupied boxes, killing adult bluebirds and nestlings. Just the mention of house sparrows will make many bluebird lovers recoil.

Is it OK to have a sparrow as a pet?

Birds can be sort of fickle pets—especially finches and sparrows because they are social birds, which means that they need friends and a bit of room to go with them to be happy and healthy. Plus, sparrows can be pretty aggressive as well. The sparrows we have in the United States are actually an invasive species from England.

What kind of plumage does a house sparrow have?

The male House Sparrow has a grey crown, cheeks and underparts, black on the throat, upper breast and between the bill and eyes. The bill in summer is blue-black, and the legs are brown. In winter the plumage is dulled by pale edgings, and the bill is yellowish brown. The female has no black on head or throat,...

What's the color of a sparrow in the US?

They’re big, bold and a beautiful chestnut color (at least in the eastern U.S.) and, boy, can they sing! In the West, their color is much duller, leaning toward gray in the Rockies and most of California, and brown along the coast.

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