Why Is Freedom Important For Development?

One of human basic needs is freedom that play central role in social process. Human development means to expand human choices, which it required to freedom concept. Human development is the most important factor of welfare improvement where the freedom is an essential instrument to achieve it.

Why is freedom so important to modern society?

In addition, freedom also inspires individuals to think independently with logic and rational approach. A slave cannot think properly as the person is under the spell of the master. Freedom is extremely important to the modern society if it wants inclusive development of not the only majority but also the minority population.

What is the importance of freedom in education?

Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. The importance of freedom is that it allows us to develop our morality and our consciences. If we lack freedom, we cannot truly become mature human beings.

What is the importance of freedom in the Humanities?

Also, the freedom is caused to maximize social welfare by providing fairly income distribution and political and social freedom. Ahmadi, ali., shaghaghi, vahi. (2006). economic development and planning, noure elme hamedan press. Brenner, Robert. Ebadi, jafar. (2006). Democracy and development.

Why is it important to have freedom of choice?

The freedom to choose what we want to do for a living is quite important to most people. Imagine not having the freedom to marry whom you choose. In most western cultures, we have this freedom, but there are cultures where people do not.

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