Why Follow Up Is Important In Sales?

The primary goal of follow-up calls is to secure a sale. Based on the aforementioned statistics, following-up will result in more sales on average than less total attempts per prospect. Besides securing sales, a good relationship and trust gained from follow-up calls with prospects will encourage consumers to purchase from you again.

Do you know the importance of sales follow ups?

Did you know that 60% of customers say no four times before saying yes whereas 48% of salespeople never even make a single follow up attempt? Check out our infographic to know more about the importance of effective Sales follow-ups and latest sales follow-ups statistics and trends.

When to do a follow up with a customer?

Make sure not to allow too much time to pass between a sale and a follow-up, as the quicker you spark communication, the more likely the person is to have a favorable opinion about your company. Also, if a customer has reached out to your company directly, try to make an effort to respond within 24 hours. This proves your dedication.

Why is it important to follow up with potential clients?

If you have a service-based business, it is also very important to follow-up with potential clients on quotes and proposals you’ve submitted. When a person contacts you for potential work, they may be at a starting point where they are just trying to sort out their project.

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