Why Does Wrapping A Coil Of Wire Around An Iron Bar Make It A Magnet When Current Runs Through The Wire?

By wrapping insulated wire around a piece of iron and then running electrical current through the wire, the iron becomes magnetized. This happens because a magnetic field is created around a wire when it has electrical current running through it. Creating a coil of wire concentrates the field.

How does a coil of wire produce a magnetic field?

Basically, a wire that has electricity running through it produces a magnetic field. However, using a single wire would only generate a very faint field. Consisting of more than one turn, or a loop of wire, a magnetic coil focuses the magnetic field, with every coil of wire supplying a small amount of magnetic field.

Why is a wire used instead of a bar magnet?

The magnetic field is quite different from the one produced by a bar magnet. There are no applications for a field with circular lines of force. If instead of using a straight wire we use a loop, we get lines more similar to the ones of a bar magnet. However the field strength is weak.

What is the shape of an electromagnet coil?

Electromagnetic Coil. The magnetic field around a straight wire is not very strong. around a piece of soft iron. This electromagnet is sometimes called a solenoid. The shape of the magnetic field is the same as a bar magnet. because it becomes a magnet itself when the current is flowing.

How does the iron core affect the electromagnet?

The iron core increases the magnetic field of the electromagnet. The ring feels a greater magnetic force, which pushes it higher. The colder the ring it, the less resistance there is and the more current can flow through it.

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