Why Does Wood Burn Fast?

One of the main reasons why a wood stove burns wood so fast can be a result of the air vents being too far open. To help burn wood more efficiently, a wood burning stove creates an environment where both the airflow and the amount of wood can be controlled more effectively to produce more heat.

Why does Wood Burn when it gets hot?

Wood burns when it gets hot enough to generate flammable gases; These gases react with the oxygen in the air, this generates more heat and more gas which burns in a self sustaining process called combustion … The burning (oxidation) of the gas is why wood “burns” But metals also burn (oxidize in air).

What makes Wood Burn Faster in a wood stove?

Hardwood logs will typically burn for longer and hotter, and produce more overall heat per log. Whatever type of firewood is used in a wood stove, it should have a moisture content of around 20% or lower to be able to burn efficiently in a fire. Wood that is too wet will burn more slowly but can produce less heat.

What does it mean to burn a load of wood?

There is a lot of confusion around the concept of burn times for wood burning fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. While the idea seems straightforward, in reality, it is anything but. A burn time refers to the maximum amount of time a wood unit will burn from a single load of wood.

Why is it so easy for wood to catch fire?

Wood easily burns because it contains very little water, especially if it’s sun-dried. So it easily catches fire as its carbon and hydrogen component burns. Still, not all woods are prone to catching fire easily. What happens is, in general terms, wood easily oxidizes but doesn’t catch fire unless it reaches its so-called flash point.

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