Why Does My Spectrum Modem Keep Blinking Blue?

If your Spectrum router’s lights are blinking blue, this means that the router is trying to connect to the internet. It also means that it is ready to be paired. There are several lights lined up on the Spectrum router, each indicating different connections and power status. When everything is working properly, they will be solid.

Why is there a blinking light on my router?

Sometimes it is easier to just reset it to factory defaults with the reset pinhole. Sometimes there can be bad cached data and you need to remove power from them for a few minutes, let the modem boot fully, then the router. This discussion has been closed.

Is the Power Light on on my modem?

The power light is on Blue, the online indicator would pulse from blue to white over and over way past 20 mins. I tried the other coax cable location in the bedroom same result.

Why does my modem not go fully online?

It has to have details on the label registered on the network to grant it access, so if you haven't contacted them to set that up it will not go fully online. If the modem has gone online and it is the router misbehaving, make sure the WAN settings are set to auto config and reboot it.

How long does it take for an online light to turn blue?

It’s been days and the online light has always been blinking. The instructions say that it should take 5 minutes or so for it to turn a solid blue. Any suggestions? I also rebooted it multiple times.

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