Why Does My Snow Look Blue?

When white light bounces off of snow it makes the snow look white. But once sunlight passes through snow, some wavelengths are absorbed, some aren’t. Snow can look blue because all of the other wavelengths of light are absorbed, and blue is what is left for us to see. But the colors of snowbanks are more subtle.

Why does the snow look blue in the winter?

The easy answer for why snow can look blue has to do with light. The light that comes from the sun is white light; a combination of all the wavelengths of visible light: red, orange, blue, green, and violet. When white light bounces off of snow it makes the snow look white.

Why do some snowflakes appear to be white?

Blue Snow. Snow usually appears white because each snowflake has many light-reflective surfaces. However, snow is made from water. Large amounts of frozen water really are pale blue, so a lot of snow, particularly in a shadowed location, will show this blue color.

Why is the snow on my camera blue?

Even those cameras with RGB sensors in their meters will still underexpose snow a touch. Invariably this will leave the snow either a dull grey on your photo, or, if you're shooting under a blue sky, you'll end up with blue snow.

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