Why Does My Dishwasher Door Not Close?

If your GE dishwasher door might not close or stay locked, you have a defective door latch, strike plate, string, or gasket. It might not remain open if you have a faulty friction sleeve or open fully if your door hinges or springs are maladjusted.

What happens if my dishwasher does not close properly?

Dishwasher Door Does Not Close Properly. If the dishwasher door will not close or latch properly, check the installation of the dishwasher. If the door is hitting the cabinet, it will not close properly and could result in leaking. The dishwasher must be aligned in the cabinet so it does not interfere with the closing of the door. Make sure...

What happens if the door does not close properly?

Dishwasher - Door Does Not Close Properly 1 If the door is hitting the cabinet, it will not close properly and could result in leaking. The dishwasher must be... 2 Make sure the dishwasher is leveled. If the dishwasher was not installed correctly, we suggest that you contact the... More ...

Why does my dishwasher door keep sticking out?

If there are items sticking out, the dishwasher door will not close. Rearrange items in the dishwasher so that they do not block the door from closing. HINT 2:Another simple fix could be that the dishwasher door is hitting the installation cabinet or the screws holding it in place.

What happens if a dishwasher hits a cabinet?

If the door is hitting the cabinet, it will not close properly and could result in leaking. The dishwasher must be aligned in the cabinet so it does not interfere with the closing of the door. Make sure the dishwasher is leveled.

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