Why Does Brazil Wear Blue?

Why does Brazil wear blue? As both teams wore yellow, Brazil had to improvise their jersey number 2. Paulo Machado de Carvalho, head of the Brazilian delegation in that World Cup, decided that Brazil would play in blue, the color of the mantle of Our Lady of Aparecida, the Catholic patron saint of Brazil. What Colours do Brazil play in?

When did Brazil start wearing yellow and green jerseys?

It was time to start again. In 1953, a competition was launched by a newspaper, Correio da Manha, to design a new kit. The rules were set, the new strip must use the four colours of the Brazil flag: yellow, blue, green and white. The winning design would be worn at the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland.

Why are Brazilian soccer players wearing white shirts?

The white shirts, with blue collars, white shorts and white socks that they had played in until that moment were deemed unpatriotic, not reflective of the Brazilian flag in which the green represents the vast swathes of forest, the golden yellow the country's raw wealth and the blue globe and white stars, the Rio sky at night.

What are the four colours of the Brazil flag?

In 1953, a competition was launched by a newspaper, Correio da Manha, to design a new kit. The rules were set, the new strip must use the four colours of the Brazil flag: yellow, blue, green and white.

Why does Santa always wear a blue suit?

Santa always dresses for the cultures where he is delivering gifts. In many cases he is wearing blue, or earth tones such as green & brown. Gogle “Santa around the world” for more specifics. You’ll find that Santa is quite a colorful fellow.

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